Podcast Team Update & Running The Numbers

So I went and made this shiny new team, why not try it? Since I went through the first step in building a team (the creation of it), I figure I can continue to use this team as I go through the testing and tweaking phase as well. I've decided to upload each battle I have with it so you can see what I'm seeing as I go through the process.

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Battle 4

Battle 5

Interesting things of note:

  1. I could use a proper setup sweeper to take advantage of Wobbuffet's Encore. Umbreon is awesome, but not as threatening as it could be. The replacement I feel best about is Staraptor for Gyarados, but we'll see if I feel I need to make it.
  2. Steelix took a Superpower from Tyranitar [134 base Attack] on the jaw and only lost 27% of its health. Gallade's [120 base Attack] STAB Close Combat only did 48%. Even Haxorus can't beat it in 2 hits. I can now feel free to laugh at almost any physical attack aimed in my direction.
  3. Fuckin' Gliscors, man. It's on my Scary Six and I didn't even bother to account for it. I'll probably start by switching to Fridge Rotom, but I might need to bench Wobbuffet for another good special attacker.

I also take some time to get into the numbers behind the calculations and how they're not always as clear as you'd think they are.

Listen Now:

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